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We have now worked with Gav on a number of projects since 2012. We have always loved Gav’s passion for doing something creatively different and there is no set house style. However Gav is also comfortable working within the confines of strict brand guidelines which was the case with our Nickelodeon project. We have been particularly pleased with the work we have done together to develop and evolve the O’live Organic brand proposition from a scribble on a scrap of paper to a premium fresh produce brand, that stretches across over 10 different produce categories.

Anthony Gardiner - G's Fresh Marketing Director


I love the approach taken on various projects. 70Seven takes your ideas and turns them into eye- catching designs for any project.
They lead you through the whole process so you have a very high likeihood of getting the design you love.

Lisa Tokelove - Elsoms Diverse Crop Manager



So you are here to read the testimonial Gavin asked me to write for his website. The first thing you need to know about me is that I am a fusspot, everything in my life has to be just right, some can be derogatory and say that I have Obsessive Compulsive Behavioural Disorder. I simply call it One Change Before Death, nice use of the acronym I hear you say. What that should tell you is that I approach everything I do with the highest of standards, not just for me but all those around me. So yes, I can be a bit of a pain and I have absolutely no idea how Gavin has put up with me so long, he tells me he likes me, he could of course be lying, I tell him I like him to, but frankly I just want him all to myself, so please don’t take up too much of his time, he’s mine!


Anyway, with that out of the way, here is my experience of Gavin and 70Seven (a nice vintage year):


I first was introduced to Gavin as an “ideas” man through a web developer I knew from my local village. I warmed to Gavin quickly, and my friend was right, he was creative guy, ideas were literally flowing like he had a tapped keg behind him with a supply that would not end. Importantly though for me, he also listened (a rare commodity nowadays), since sometimes I feel that creative types want to put their stamp on your idea, they feel the need to own it (well keep your mitts off buddy), this was not the case with Gavin. I always in everything I do have a firm idea about what I want to achieve, and with my eyewear start-up (TONKS OLIVER) Gavin brought a new perspective. As a glasses wearer himself, combined with his many years of design and client interaction experience he helped to draw out my thoughts and take them in a direction which would help improve their commercial viability, ensuring that we were creating an attractive brand which would fit with the customers we wished to target and avoid unnecessary redesigns, a get it right first time approach by putting everything into your first gambit.


That’s not to say Gavin cost me the earth, as a start-up I was cost conscious and Gavin set out a very clear cost framework which he always stayed on track with. I even often felt that he went far beyond my reasonable expectations and whilst I was very thankful for his help, I almost felt embarrassed by his insistence that he stick to the price quoted.


The end product came exactly when Gavin said it would, a smooth well thought thorough and staged process led to a beautiful end product I loved and it was presented in a format that worked. That was not the end though as most importantly the on-going support he has offered in terms of tweaks etc has been far and above what I have ever expected.


I have continued to use and recommend 70Seven Creative Design without hesitation. Gavin consistently has delivered for me and those I recommend time and time again. He will always remain my go to man for design and graphics work not just because of his talents but because he is one of life’s good ones. Thank you so very much Gavin, you genuinely are most appreciated by us.

James Doggett - TONKS OLIVER Managing Director



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